Thursday, June 26, 2008


My first blog. I have my yahoo, MSN, classmates, xanga, ebay, lycos, geocities, icq, deja, as well as my own published web sites. Some still working others not. I haven't quite decided how this will integrate with my other publishing, but plan to include my opinion on things that might outrage some people. Get over it. Megathena is my City, I own it, just hasn't been built yet. I am working on the details you can go to for more information on it. Obviously my blog is green, my city is green, no automobiles.
I guess since an article in todays paper got me started on this blog, I will comment on the "No Execution for child rape" surpreme court decision:
As bad as this crime can be, and I think sometimes the guy should not only be excuted but tortured, and I am not an anti-death advocate, but I must agree with Justice Anthony Kennedy that "The incongruity between the crime of child rape and the harshness of the death penalty poses risks of over-punishment and counsels against a constitutional ruling the the death penalty can be expanded to include this offense" This crime is so mob-mentality driven that just about anyone could be executed for a minor offense.

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