Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu

If you can't get enough mis information from your local news, just check the internet blogs. These idiots can't be any worse than VP Joe Biden's remarks. Actually I blame Mat Lowery more than I do Joe. It's like asking a bum on the street what he thinks of the Presidents Economic policies. If you want information about a flu epidemic ask a Doctor not a politition. Or at least a Microbiologist like myself. I'd be more woried about going to the doctors office than getting on a plane, and yet I went today. The president made the right call about closing the mexican borders. He refered back to the experts and computer profiles that conclued the closure would not significantly alter the flu's progress. The Doctor laughed when I told her I wasn't woried about getting the flu today, She rightfully stated yea I'm more worried about this fall. First of all the Swine flu is going to peter out soon naturally due to the end of the flu season. But this fall we still won't be able to include this H1N1 swine variety in next years flu vaccine. that's because that vaccine is already in production. Secondly if you look at historical flu epidemics the second and third years are always the worst. Then of course there is the population that won't take it serious next year because it was over rated this year. Now I have to contridict myself. For the last few day's I have been hearing that the experts just don't know why the swine flu is more serious in Mexico than it is in the U.S. That's just a cop out. It's basic Microbiology 101 actually that's Microbiology 401 (Gen. Biology was 101). When an organism Bacteria or virus jumps species it's generally very week. Can't do a lot of dammage to it's host (Human in this case). As it H1N1 progresses through the population the weeker host (Poor Mexicans) allow the virus to become stronger (more Virulent). Then there was the fact that thousans of Mexicans were infected vs ten's or even hundreds in the U.S. simple probability. and the variety that moved to the U.S. was probably not the most leathal. Someone said it was the advanced medical care in the U.S. That might be the case now but it wasn't when they said that. then only about 25 cases had been identified in the U.S. and only one had even gone to the hospital. There is so much more but I'm just tired of writing. probably only two or three people will even read my post while millions will be misinforme by the media. All I can say is listen to the director of CDC he/ she will give you the best advice. Don't believe anything the new anchers tell you they just want to create panic in order to boost ratings. I had respect for Mat Lowery but now if this gets to you, you need to apologize for creating mass pannic. I actually heard another news reporter say that Biden was telling the truth the first time but politics pressured him to now change his story.

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